Hiring vendors for a wedding is like putting together a puzzle. Each pieceI interlocks with the others to complete the picture.
When they all fit in their places they bring the picture to life –in this case your wedding. Hiring them early is the key. Here is a list of all … Read More

Can there be anything more heartbreaking than getting a call from your budding photographer cousin saying that he lost the image card while you are headed for your honeymoon in a limousine service DC?

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Before you go searching for the best Limousine Service DC, the first task of wedding planning involves making the guest list.
You may be surprised how difficult and time-consuming the task can be, especially when everyone is trying to squeeze in their lovers, best friends and cousins you … Read More

Have you ever been to a wedding where the affairs made you feel uncomfortable?
Perhaps the dinner was served late, the Limousine in DC the couple hired didn’t arrive on time or  you were handed a bill at the bar after you had a drink.

The tables have … Read More

On-time arrival can make or break a trip, and that all starts by choosing a reliable, experienced company.
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It all comes down to a few major differences that set one apart from the others.
June 10, 2017 (Washington, DC) –  Washington, DC is the hub of political power in the world. It attracts millions upon millions of tourists, business executives, lobbyists, and more to the area every single … Read More

Seniors and elderly people need as much fresh air, activities and outings as the next socialite teenager, if not more.
However most caretakers hesitate to take the seniors out for a walk or for a fun activity because of the distance where all these activities can be enjoyed.

Fortunately, with … Read More

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When you have weddings guests who are happy, the environment will be more pleasant to be in.
Friends and family will be in a better mood, be more social, and you’ll hear more laughs. Nobody wants unhappy wedding guests, but with so much going on it can be difficult … Read More

DC Limousine Service offers the service and selection you deserve.
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DC Limousine Service has helped countless people enjoy all Virginia has to offer.
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Been thinking about cutting out the wedding flowers? You might want to consider this first!
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April 24, 2017 (Washington, DC) – When you’re looking for a limousine service Washington DC, you will find plenty of options available to you.
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Shuttles, charter buses and Town Car Service DC can elevate your business.
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This summer, people will be flocking to the beach is. If you are one of them and are going to be heading out to the beach, either up in Washington, D.C., Miami Beach, New Jersey, the Delaware Beaches, Virginia Beach, or even down to the Outer Banks of North Carolina, … Read More

The moment you look for a Washington DC limousine service, you may have prior experience reserving and relying upon a limo.

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Okay, your wedding is just around the corner. Maybe it’s this coming weekend, next week, or next month. It may seem last minute, but only now are you beginning to look for a DC wedding car service.
Why did you wait so long?

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An awesome limousine service in Washington, DC begins with the right company.

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It’s never too late to book your trip.
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Wedding guests love it when the host steps forward and plans something to make them feel that they are an important part of the event.

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It’s great to rely on a Dulles Airport limo service, but if you don’t arrive on time, what’s the point? On-time service should be an essential factor when you look into any airport car service.
Why a Dulles airport car service needs to be on time.
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Want something nice for New Year? Like a DC Wedding Car Service that’s shiny and new—why not reward yourself for this year and travel a bit?
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Revolutionize Your Wedding Photography

We should have seen this coming. Time to combine our selfie-loving society with memorializing weddings. Go pros, drone technology, and selfies may just revolutionize the way we think of wedding photography. Some may see this new trend as a negative development that detracts from emotional and sincere … Read More

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