If you and your significant other have decided that you would like to have an outdoor wedding.

You may find that bugs can pose, at best, a distraction to your beautiful day. Luckily, there are many ways to combat these little creatures and have your wedding go as wonderfully as our DC Airport Car Service.

DC Car Service for Wedding

Spray a few days ahead of time if you’d like your wedding to be as cozy as Town Car Service DC frequently utilizes. If you are having your wedding on the countryside, perhaps your family owns property, then take the opportunity to create a bug barrier.

You can do this by getting commercial products found at local hardware stores, or you can make your own without pesticides. Numerous bugs, as well as mosquitoes and snakes can’t stand the scent of garlic, rotten eggs, Sulphur, or capsicum (found in cayenne pepper). Modern organic farmers often make a blend of these ingredients in gallons of water, let it sit for a week or two, then pour it around the perimeter.

DC Airport Car Service

Do you own a set of essential oils? It’s time to put them to work. These oils are concentrated and perfect for making an anti-bug solution. Peppermint is frequently used for spiders, ants, and gnats. Lemongrass and lavender are used to repel virus carrying mosquitoes. You can also deter fleas with geranium, for a bug free atmosphere like a DC Car Service.

DC Car Service

Fill them with citronella oil, and you’ll keep away most bugs, including mosquitoes. Alternatively, you can use citronella candles or incense.


Best of all, if you want to keep these irritating critters out the area, start a fire, bugs can’t stand smoke. Call us Now – (202) 765-2350


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