A lot of people assume that a BWI car service is simply for business executives going on trips to other cities around the country or even around the world.

In reality, the right transportation can be a wonderful asset for people from all walks of life, including for those about to get married or head off a honeymoon.

BWI car service

Why consider a car service from BWI?

When the bride and groom are set to go on their honeymoon, they may have a tendency to just drive themselves. However, that is not providing them the best luxury and experience for their honeymoon.

What if they get caught in traffic?

People who live and work around the Greater DC Metro Area understand how treacherous the roads can be at any given time. If they get stuck in traffic while heading to the airport, they could arrive late and possibly miss their flight. That’s not the way people want to start their honeymoon.

Dulles Airport Limousines

What about when they return?

A quality Dulles airport limo that has been around for decades, for example, will likely monitor all incoming flights to ensure somebody is there to greet the newlywed couple when they return. There could be any number of reasons for delays in getting back in, and by monitoring these flights, it can provide that VIP experience all the way to the end of the honeymoon.

A Dulles airport limo service can also create an atmosphere of feeling like a VIP for this bride and groom. Isn’t that how they should feel? Of course it is. Call us today at  (202) 765-2350

DC Limo Rental

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